America is a nation of immigrants.  Our varied backgrounds have enriched our country in many ways.  Those who have succeeded most in this culture have typically learned to speak, read, and write in English.  They have become effective communicators by modifying their accents so that they could be better understood.  

Many Americans have moved away from the regions that they grew up in.  Some people find that their regional accents are so strong that their ability to successfully communicate with others in their new environments is diminished.  

Speech-language pathologists who are trained in accent modification can help decrease accents.  Before pursuing an accent modification program, an individual should be able to speak, read, and write in English.

Who Would Benefit Most from Accent Modification?

  • People who have accents that cause others to frequently ask that they repeat what they have said.
  • Those who wish to make a good impression on a prospective employer.
  • Professionals who must communicate their ideas to others.
  • Those in the business world who interact with clients/customers and colleagues.
  • Anyone who feels that an accent is interfering with professional success.
  • Individuals who find it difficult to make oral presentations, due to their accents.
  • Those who feel that modifying their accents would improve their social lives.

What Does Accent Modification Involve?

During the initial visit, an evaluation of the client’s speech is conducted in order to identify the specific modifications that need to be made. 

The individual will be asked to purchase a set of appropriate practice materials.

The client attends one hour-length accent modification session per week.

He or she is expected to practice areas that have been selected for one hour a day.

When the client has achieved the desired level of success, a re-evaluation can be conducted so that the results can be compared with those that were obtained during the initial evaluation. 

How to Make an Appointment
Call (615) 776-8674 to set up an initial evaluation.

Sessions are scheduled following the evaluation.

Fees will be discussed when an individual calls to make an appointment.

Payment should be made upon receipt of services, unless other arrangements are made.

Please contact me 24 hours in advance - when possible - if you need to cancel an appointment.  When you are sick, please cancel your session.